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Welcome to the Kriens~LaRose portal. This portal allows for the confidential transfer of financial information between individual clients and our firm. We encourage you to request the use of this portal. Please contact Elaine Theys through the form to the right to have your corporate/personal portal assigned. The value proposition to you for use of our portal entails:

Improved cost savings:

By uploading your documents to the KL Portal, you have the potential to save both time and money. The need to make photocopies, store documents, and physically file accounting and business documents would be mitigated, as everything necessary for completion of the file would simply need to be uploaded to the KL portal once.

Positive environmental externalities:

Making use of the KL portal would also be of benefit to the environment as a whole. Not only would it allow for the conversation of more trees, which are an integral part of the overall ecosystem in providing clean oxygen and preventing pollutants from filling soil and waterways, it would also lead to increased energy savings as well. At present, the pulp and paper industry is one of Canada’s largest energy consumers, using approximately 30% of industrial energy. Reducing paper use would thus provide a dual-pronged benefit in maintaining favourable living conditions for everyone.

In addition:

Use of the KL portal also provides safety and superior organization to you, our client. An effective disaster recovery plan is critical to the health of any business; theft, floods, or fires could result in a client losing documents critical to their business such as a board of directors’ meeting resolutions, lease agreements, or invoices. Maintaining such information on the portal would provide an ideal failsafe in the event of such adverse circumstances. Furthermore, having requisite documentation placed on the portal will also make it more efficient to access in the event of a CRA audit, a key concern for anyone having their personal tax returns filed by us. CRA audits can be a traumatic time for all of the affected parties involved. Now, instead of scrambling to find medical or donation receipts from up to three years prior, the evidence needed can be found in mere minutes simply by opening the relevant folder in the KL portal.

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