Taxation is a daunting concern for any small business owner or individual, so we stand ready to help. We can assist not only with compliance requirements, but also with tax minimization and strategic planning drawn from many years of practical experience in a variety of areas such as:

  • Corporate and personal income tax preparation

Kriens~LaRose’s experienced staff strives to ensure our client’s corporate and personal income tax filings reflect the most up-to-date changes and take advantage of fully integrated tax planning opportunities to minimize their current and future tax costs. In addition, we provide compliance services in the areas of HST/GST, payroll source deductions and Employer health tax.

  • Trust and estate income tax filing and planning

We work with you to develop a plan to transfer wealth in the most tax efficient manner from one generation to the next and between family members, family business owners, employees and the community. Throughout life’s major events, Kriens~Larose stands ready as a trusted partner to assist clients with their tax planning needs.
Preparation of final tax returns and returns for estates and trusts are a complex area of taxation and we ensure that our clients receive the highest caliber advisory services during this trying time.

  • Advisory, Planning and Restructuring

At Kriens~LaRose, our experienced tax advisors consider all aspects of our clients’ business and personal lives in order to maximize potential tax savings and help them achieve their financial goals. We advise our clients on the best method of remuneration to maximize the amount of after-tax income to them and their family. With the use of various corporate structures and reorganizations, as well as tools such as trusts, estate freezes and tax efficient transfers of assets, we can work with you to preserve the wealth you have worked so hard to build.

  • US Tax Compliance and Cross Border Tax Planning

Through a fruitful collaboration with a dedicated US Certified Public Accountants firm specializing in cross border taxation, for several years we have successfully provided tax solutions for our clients that holistically address their tax circumstances in both Canada and the U.S. We advise our clients with respect to their Canadian departure tax planning, expatriate taxes and ownership of foreign vacation and rental property.